Clarke Sanders

SOCIAL MEDIA Specialist Fun Fact: I know every dog breed

UN’s Social Media Maven at your service!


From the research and idea stage of what will work best for the right social media platforms to creating and scheduling the content, I’m the girl for the job. Creativity comes in many forms and though I may be a visual creative fiend there’s nothing better than a great strategy that’s supported by beautiful design.


I pride myself in being a marketing generalist that’s always looking for the next way to maximize your brand. I formerly worked for a large Fortune 500 company located in Minneapolis, MN as a Social Media Partner working very closely with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. As I’m still considered very young in the industry, I have natural ingenuity and a quick learner with over 5 years of experience in marketing.




I hold doors open for an uncomfortable amount of time… Like to the point that people pick up a little jog to get there to not make me feel like I’m holding the door too long, but we all know it’s way past that point. And I, “ope, let me squeeze right past ya there” a few too many times a day. If overt uncomfortable politeness isn’t Minnesotan than I don’t know what is!

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