Jordan Limmer

Senior Graphic Designer Fun Fact: I share the same birthday as my wife

As a graphic designer at Unrestricted MKTG I am always on the hunt for inspiration that could come in the form of an illustration, brand identity, or an eye catching website. I pride myself in filling my iPhone’s photo library with incredible designs I have stumbled across either through walking through a shopping mall or scrounging through thrift and antique stores discovering beautiful vintage designs.


I reference these “treasures” daily and use them to expand my scope and knowledge of brand identity that can look timeless and match any clients needs.


Being one of the new kids on the block here at Unrestricted MKTG and the graphic design role I have learned the importance of templates and keyboard shortcuts, any way to get your work back to the clients eyes in the most productive way is always a

win in my book.




During the winter months my wife, Laura and I visit the Mall of America almost every weekend….with the bitter cold and heavy snow we get the itch to take long walks, the Mall of America allows us to spend time together and still get our steps in, even if there is 12 inches of snow outside.


One other thing I love about being a Minnesotan is the Minnesota Timberwolves, I love living 10 minutes from downtown Minneapolis, buying a ticket at the last minute, and cheering on my favorite team.


Any Minnesotan would know even if you are alone you will find someone to talk to. 

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