Kelly Grady

Creative director Fun Fact: My signature red lipstick is the source of all my creative powers.

My objective is to uncover your brand’s marketing needs and boil the message down to it’s essentials and deliver an authentic marketing solution. Yadda, yadda, yadda – I just do good work.


As Unrestricted Mktg’s Creative Director, I have the pleasure of working with our unit of graphic designers, artists, copywriters, web developers and sales team to offer our clients the unrestricted creativity – all within one marketing warehouse. With strategic marketing solutions developed from research and analytics and unbound creativity we maximize your brand.


I have over ten years of marketing experience and I get the job done but the truth is - I simply love this job. I consider myself very lucky to be practicing my passion each day for our clients and I look so forward to our next challenge with you.



There is nothing better than a Minnesota summer. My husband, son and I take advantage of living in the Land of 10,000 Lakes going camping and to the beach every weekend. There is a lake near our home where my son literally swings the trees, landing with a splash into the water with a squeal

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Unrestricted MKTG is a untraditional, traditional marketing company located in the Minneapolis metro area.
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